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Whats the best birth control w/ the least side effects?

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I'm on depo now and having problems and before that i was on ortho tri-cycline and it made me extremely nauseous to the point of throwing up every day (literally). Is there any birth control w/ no side effects?
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replied August 23rd, 2010
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m001103, As soon as you start messing with your hormones, there are a possibility of side effects. Some may only last for a few cycles and go away, others may stay.

Every woman is different so they react differently to birth control hormones. It is a case of working with your doctor to find the right one for you. The newer (and more expensive) ones are generally much better because they contain low doses. Hormonal birth control with fairly good results are the Nuva Ring, YAZ and Loestrin24 Fe. You however have to do this with your doctor as there are other things that can make these hormones bad for you.

Your other options are an IUD, condoms or abstinence.

Best of luck!
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