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What is Aging?

What is Aging?
What is Aging?
Causes and Risk Factors

Thanks to advances in medicine, people are able to live longer than ever before. By the year 2030, researchers expect that there will be 71 million seniors (aged 55+) living in the U.S, double the current elderly population. As a result, people should better understand the process of aging, and its inevitable effects on the body. Doing so will help safeguard health with preventative and proactive treatments. But what exactly happens to the body during the aging process?

What is aging?
The term 'aging' refers to any bodily change that normally occurs during a person's lifetime (except during pregnancy). This includes both problematic and non-problematic aspects of aging: for example, decreased lung capacity can interfere with life basics whereas wrinkles and grey hair really do not actually interfere with living.

Scientists use the term "senescence " to describe the deterioration of bodily process and functions with the passage of time. As we get older, this deterioration of essential life functions is correlated with an increased risk of death, along with a lower fertility level. As we get older then, our bodies experience senescence across our tissues, organs, and bodily processes, such as:

  • Arteries and heart
  • Body fat
  • Bones
  • Bladder
  • Brain
  • Digestive System
  • Hearing
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Muscles
  • Personality
  • Sight
  • Skin, Nails, and Hair
  • Teeth

What causes aging and what activities can speed up the effects of aging?  Although we cannot live forever, we can avoid certain actions that can increase the speed at which we age.  To learn more about how and why the body ages, see the what causes aging section that follows.

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