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What is abdominal pain?

What is abdominal pain?
What is abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain
Abdominal pain and bellyaches are common.  Though most cases of abdominal pain aren't serious, sometimes you will need to see a doctor.  We'll review some of the common symptoms of abdominal pain and let you know when you'll need to ask for help.  First, let's locate the abdomen.

Anatomy of the abdomen
Your abdomen extends from below your chest all the way down to your hips.  The abdomen contains many internal organs of the body including the intestines, the appendix, the gallbladder, the pancreas and the liver.  Some people incorrectly call the abdomen "the stomach" but the stomach is only one of many organs that might be causing you pain.  Pain in the abdomen can originate from any of the internal organs.

What are some of the main symptoms of abdominal that require medical help?  And what do these symptoms indicate?  Learn more about symptoms of abdominal pain here.

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