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What would cause my labia minora to swell up

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I am 20 years old and I wanted to know if anyone would have any idea why my labia minora would swell up. Its only swollen on the left side, its even hanging out of my vagina. It is really irritated and hard for me to walk. I masturbated one day about 3 weeks and I found out I had a yeast infection so I thought that is what caused it. I was treated for the yeast infection and the swelling went down a little bit, but it is still really uncomfortable and much larger than usual. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
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replied December 15th, 2011
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You have to make sure your yeast infection is actually gone. It may just be hiding very well.

Normally a swollen inner lip is caused by friction (dry masturbation, dry sex, sport, string panties), irritation (like a yeast infection, or panties that were not rinsed properly after washing it), injuries (scratching, bruising) or allergies (soap, menstrual pad, personal lubricant).

Make sure you stay dry and airy. Wear cotton panties (with a full crotch, not a string), sleep without panties if it is safe to do so, keep yourself dry (pat yourself dry, do not wipe), wipe your anus from front to back to keep fecal matter and bacteria out of your vulva, wash with only clean water and your fingers between all the folds and under your clitoral hood.

Avoid tight pants and synthetic materials.

You can use an ice pack to relieve the discomfort. Wrap it in cloth to prevent ice burns. Take an NSAID type pain pill if needed. If you think it may be an allergy, try a antihistamin as well.

Avoid 1 day yeast treatments. Many women find them unreliable in treating the infection. The 3 or 5 day treatments are better.

Yeast infections are normally caused by taking medicines like antibiotics, eating too much sugar or disturbing the balance inside your vagina. The disturbance is often something sweet, or flavored, or scented. Even soap or a bubble bath can cause that.

When you masturbate, your primary sex organ is your clitoris. It is not necessary to insert something inside your vagina. The introduction of yeast infections can thus be avoided if you are prone to getting them. Also wash everything that you use well, and rinse them clean from soap residue.

If it continues, please consider seeing a nurse or a doctor.

Best of luck!
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