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What to expect with bipoloar II ?

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Hi, all -

I was diagnosed bipolar II about three years ago. Have been on a slew of meds trying to manage it, and was doing fairly well for a while. Last fall, I student-taught. Worst experience of my life. Sent me into a deep depression, from which I'm still trying to get out. Since Decemeber, my meds have been changed three times. And my insurance switched, so I lost my doc of 6 years. I'm taking the final class I need toward a certificate I no longer want, cannot focus for five minutes, cycle through moods at a steep pace...

I guess my question is, is this all I have left to look forward to? Extremes of mood, followed by guilt and depression, yelling at my kids for no reason, and a wife that doesn't understand any of it? For the entire time I've been diagnosed, I haven't gotten a straight answer on what I can expect - plateau, improvement, or decline for the rest of my life.

What's left to me?
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replied May 5th, 2010
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Hi tootired,

We have mental health section on this forum that gives you several options and detailed information about biopolar. This disease affect people differently, some do well on medications some do not. Please click on the mental health link or the bipolar secction and you will find much support. Although, you don't want the teaching certificate now, go ahead and get it, once you get on the right treatment I think you will do better with a small group of children, maybe children who like yourself have bipolar or ADD or other disabilities.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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