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What to Expect After Umbilical Hernia Repair?

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Hi, I'm 36 years old, healthy male.

I had umbilical hernia (stitches) and right side inguinal hernia (mesh) repair 6 weeks ago today. I've been back on the treadmill now for about 10 days. With the exception of occasional low pain where the inguinal hernia was located (it never did bulge) and some lingering discomfort down below on my right side, I've had no complications with the inguinal repair. My question regards the umbilical repair. I first noticed this hernia after lifting weights, where I would have a discomfort feeling within my belly button. The discomfort grew to the point where it started to bother my everyday, and made sitting uncomfortable. When I went to get it checked, I was told I had a small umbilical hernia about the size of a pea. The repair did not use a mesh, just 2-3 layers of stitches I was told. For the most part, my belly button feels fine, but on occasion I notice a slight discomfort there (similar to what it was prior to the surgery), many times after either walking on the treadmill, doing pushups (I started exercising after 4 1/2 weeks once my surgeon gave me the green light to ease back into exercise), or sitting for a long period of time. Is this normal? Is this similar to what others have/are experiencing? How long should I expect this continue? Should I stop exercising? Any feedback or similar experience would be appreciated!
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replied March 19th, 2013
I just had umbilical hernia surgery through the belly button done seven days ago. And I'm also feeling the same pain I was feeling before the surgery. That pain in the belly button occasionally when I sit or stand up, lay down or get up, and occasionally when moving around. I still have to go back to the doctors next week for follow-up on the surgery. I will ask questions about this pain and will post some feedback in this tread. If some one has experience with this same physical problem please give us some info.
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