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What to do with nausea after nasty virus?

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The last 4-5 days I went through some nasty virus, which caused me very bad back pain, nausea, temperature,high pulse, bloated feeling and low energy, didn't feel like eating, because of the nausea and basically pretty bad overall feeling. Now the temperature, the pain and most of the virus symptoms are gone, but I still have some "leftovers" from it. I still feel nausea, especially when I THINK about something sweet and also, I can't eat normal food the way i did before I got sick. I mean, the food that I eat mostly at the moment includes cottage, oatmeal, soup (not with meat), baked apple and some supplements like Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Omega 3. I have lost about 8 pound in less than a week... It pretty irritating, since I was just staring to build some extra muscle and now I am afraid the body started to eat its own mucle since I probably don't even eat 1000 calories (because of the nausea and bloating). I still even have some minor fat on the belly and I suspect the body "makes a grab" for the muscle tissue first Sad ... I am 20 years old ,Currently weight 135 lbs, and measure at 5'11' height . Any tips to make that nasty nausea go(I sometimes feel sick even thinking about some foods).
I know, that even a week isn't past but still I think there might be something to help!
Thank you very much for the help and attention!
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