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what should i do?

i understand that siblings will pick on each other.... when they are KIDS.

me and my brother are 3 years apart. we are both adults and yet he acts like a child.
He verbally abuses me and its to the point where i don't feel like i fit in my family anymore.
He contradicts everything i say and do (as if he were my dad). Hes lashed out when i ordered the wrong food by mistake (i ordered vegetables instead of meat), hes lashed out criticizing how i am in relationships and what i should do...etc., my mom and i were doing yard work and he popped off saying i need to lift my hand and actually do something (and i was before HE came outside...but yet he didnt see it so he made the assumption that i didn't do anything to help). this is a weekly basis. except this week it was 3 days instead of the usual 1. It is to the point where i am trying to not be around my brother anymore. He digs for dirt (figure of speech) to complain about stuff and then acts like hes my father. He teased me as kids that i was adopted and sometimes he makes me feel that way. i know im not adopted but still, being taunted as a kid... its stuck in my head now. He does it on the phone, he does it in front of family, he does it... well whenever he wants. It is so bad that i end up crying for over an hour straight. My mom has told him several times to back off, and ive told him before too, to leave me alone. and he does for about 1 week and then back again.
I really wish i could get out of this town. I am so sick of being treated like crap by my own brother.
am i the only one who has gone through this? i have no problems with my parents whatsoever. i have in the past but thats all said and done. I want to just pick up and go.
I dont want to see my brother, i dont want to talk to him. PERIOD. i know he is family and ive tried to brush it off... but its making me tired all the time and worn out.
i dont know what else to do.. all i want to do now is avoid my brother and i feel like im actually starting to not like my brother.

its sad to say that the relationship between my brother and i, will be torn and its not my problem anymore. He is creating the situation. ive tried to make nice... but nothing works.

im more closer to my mom than my dad, so im not even going to try and talk to him. me and my mom have better communication.
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