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What Should I do? Relationship with ex?

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Ok im 18 years old and im 6 months pregnant with my first child. Although im happy about the situation i really dont know what to do about this situation im in, see a couple of weeks ago my ex of 2yrs called me saying he would like to be in me and my child's life no matter what happens and that if i ever should need anything he should be the first person that i call. Im perfectly okay with that because me and him were and still are so close but... at the same time my babies father wants to be in his child's life and is ready to have this baby but me and him are not together because we cant seem to see eye 2 eye anymore. now my babies father has made it clear that he doesn't want to be with me and that he will not stop me from being in an relationship with anybody but he also stated that he didn't want his child around any of my male friends and i feel that that is not fair. I want to be back in the relationship with my ex because i know he is a genuine person and i know him like the back of my hand and me and my babies father was only suppose to be ah one night stand but ha ha ha look where its gotten me. so my question is, should i be with my ex who i know will be okay and will help me with my child or forget about him and just stick to only my immature babies father . my hearts telling me to be with my ex and jus let my babies father be mad
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replied July 12th, 2010
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At this moment in time, boys should be the last thing on your mind.
Right now, your a single parent-to-be very Very soon.
So you need to figure out how you will support yourself and this child, along with the financial support(child support)from the babies father.
Boys can wait.
Child care is more important to be worrying about.
I don't mean to sound rude, and Im sorry if Im coming off as rude, but its the truth and you need to hear it from someone.
Your going to have to grow up fast once this baby comes, so boy drama is a thing of the past now.
If you end up dating your ex int he future, great. If you and the baby's father work things out, that's great too. You might end up with someone completely different years from now as well.
But right now, you should be focusing on yourself and this baby coming in 3 months.
Depending on how close you are to these male friends, I think the father of your baby said what he did because he doesn't want your child to see a bunch of random guys coming in and out of his child's life..that can be damaging to a child psychologically...Just a thought. Maybe you could ask him to elaborate on why he said that.

Either you do this alone, or with either person. But I honestly think this is the last of your worries.
There are much greater things to worry about...medical fees(cost of giving birth to your child), dr appt. and fees, clothes(babies grow Literally like a weed and clothing isn't cheap), diapers(just a bag of diapers can almost cost $30), living expenses, rent(if your living on your own rent can cost about $1000+), getting or continuing to work somewhere, finishing school and possibly thinking of college/ aren't going to want a retail job doesn't even come close to paying all the bills plus raising a child. Your going to want a career so you have benefits, a stable income coming in and more somewhere down the road.
There's so much more as well. And Im sure you know all of this already, but these are the things you should be worrying on...not boys.
The big picture right now is this baby coming soon and you preparing for this baby. Either your baby's father will grow up himself and you two will work things out, or you won't but he should still pay child support and possibly visit his child if he wants to.
And either your ex will be with you in a relationship, or just be there for you as a friend.

Again, Im sorry if I came off as rude, but you needed to hear the truth. This is the last of many worries to come.
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replied July 15th, 2010
Boys shouldn't be on your mind right now!!! Your baby only should be on your mind!
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replied July 16th, 2010
im 18 and one thing that ive learned is. YOU DONT NEED A MAN TO BE HAPPY. you are an independent strong woman and you dont need a man .
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