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What should I do? people never even communicate with me

Basically, this is why I'm going to end up killing myself. I've always been the ugly person in my school, I have very few friends, most people never even communicate with me for any reason. I'm weak and scrawny. I'm short. And I'm dumb. I have literally NO talents in anything. My personality isn't at all like able. And half the school thinks I'm going to be a murderer one day. My sister hates me, my mother is a druggie, and my father is literally a psychopath. I have absolutely no option other than suicide. The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because I have no way to do it. I'm basically asking for some help on what I should do.
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replied December 18th, 2012
People have called me ugly all my life. I just tell my self not to care what other people think. Your not ugly they just feel bad about them selfs. Do you try to talk to other people? Be your self and people will like you. Your not dumb. You came here and asked for help, that's very smart. Don't kill your self, kill your negitve thoughts. Chances are it's all in your head. Remeber your a great person, and it sounds like to me, you just gotta be comfertable in your own skin.
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