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What's wrong with the skin on my Face? :(

I have been having some serious problems with the skin on my face for the past 3 months. My face has a dry itchy rash mainly covering my the whole of my cheeks and in small parts of other areas. I have also been waking up on some days with swelling around either one of both of my eyes. I have been to my GP who isn't sure what the cause is but has given me an 8 week course of lymecycline. Before this I was on flucloxacillin for 7 days due to the rash on my face becoming infected.

I was applying doublebase gel to my face daily to help with the extreme dryness of my skin however I have stopped using this recently to see if it had any effect and am now applying Calendula cream instead. I have tried many alternatives to see what the cause can be including a VEGA intolerance/allergy test which showed up with some results however I was informed by a close friend who has experience in this area and he told me that the test isn't always scientifically reliable. The Results said I was intolerant to dairy, tomato and E621 which I cut out of my diet for a few weeks but nothing seemed to improve.

It's effecting my everyday life and is becoming unbearable. It's also lowered my self-esteem and just need to find the cause and how it can be helped so I can go back to having normal skin! I feel like no one seems to really know what it is wether it's an allergic reaction or something else?


Many Thanks,
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replied October 21st, 2013
Reading your post makes me recall 2 years back situation when I had this kind of problem. Can’t forget the itchiness. A cousin of mine in a family get-together advised me going for a herbal treatment; there I came to know about applying aloe-vera gel thrice a day on my face for a week. Eventually after a period of three months my ratios finally disappeared, I no longer had that itchiness. Give it a try for a month, hope it’ll help.
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