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What's wrong with me... Mono probably since December

've had reactivated Mono probably since December and got diagnosed with it in early February. I was a super active person, running track and cross country, and I ate like a horse. I have these growing pain feelings in my legs sometimes and am very nauseated constantly. Sometimes I'll get "attacks" where I'll get hot flashes, tingling in my hands and sometimes my feet, and get extremely nauseated. I don't vomit. I have lost 16 pounds, and I didn't even have 16 pounds to lose hardly. I want to eat, but I'm afraid to because sometimes after I eat, I feel really sick. I saw a GI today and he said I could have H-Pylori, functional dyspepsia, damage in my nerves caused from the Mono which have them completely "out-of-whack", or other stomach issues such as Gastritis. But you know how these places are, I have to wait a total of 4 weeks before I can get an upper endoscopy done. That's completely ridiculous. I've suffered enough. These could all be a possibility because typically with Mono, you develop other things. I'm slowly beginning to fall into depression because I have been fighting this for nearly 5 months. I've missed 4 weeks of school and I'm so behind. What's wrong with me?
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replied April 25th, 2012
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I had a very similar case, my symptoms were a lot like yours, although they never found H pyrori or anything other than the mono..The nausea sucks, and the weird "nerve" stomach thing (hot flash) type feelings I can relate too..I've never felt that way in my life, and hope to never feel that way again. Forget about the upper endoscopy test..It's just mono, they won't find anything else.
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