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what's this on my nipple? afraid it's Pageats Disease

I have a small roundish shaped spot on the side of my right nipple. I noticed it about 5+ years ago when it was the size of a pen tip, now it is about half the size of a dime. I went to a dermatoligist last January to get it checked out. She thought it could be ezcema and prescribed some cream to put on for a month. I was supposed to return for a biopsy if it didn't go away in a month with after applying the cream twice a day. I have yet to return for a biopsy. I'm pretty afraid that it could be Pageats Disease sinceit fits the description. It is skin color, sometimes it gets a dry flaky skin and other times its smooth and kind of shiny. One reason I didn't return for a biopsy is because I had a baby last February. Currently I'm pregnant again and I'm very concered about this. If anyone has this problem please advise. I can't find anything similar to it on the internet. Some other things I notice is that it itches sometimes and my armpit is sore under the right arm. Please let me know what this could be. My armpit has been sore for about two years now....the soreness comes and goes.
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replied January 31st, 2014
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Are you wearing underwire type bras. If so, you should stop wearing these and wear the regular type bras. You may have swelled lymphatic glands in those areas from the lack of flowing. These bras cut the flow of the4 lymphatic and other systems in your breasts and underarms.
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