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What's the clitoris?

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I'm new to this so please don't call me stupid. I'm a teenager and I feel weird because I'm still confused about what exactly my clit is. I know it's supposed to make me feel good, but what is it?!? There's this weird flap of skin inside of my vagina that's really weird. I've touched it before (I'm not some sex crazy teenager, just confused), but I don't feel anything. Lately it's been bothering me because now I'm starting to wonder if that's not even my clit at all. If it is, why am I not feeling anything when I touch it? HELP!?!
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replied February 5th, 2011
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confusedandcurious, Your vulva and the area around it consists of the following:

* Mons pubis (the fatty area below your belly button that covers your pubic bone and have pubic hair on it (this is the top of your pubic hair)

* Anus, right at the back.

* Between your anus and mons pubis is your vulva.

* The vulva consists of thick fatty labia majora (outer lips) that are covered with hair.

* Inside the outer lips are the inner lips (labia minora). These are thinner, can be wrinkly and colored, uneven and hidden, sticking out, peeking out or hanging out from between the two outer lips.

* Inside the inner lips is the vulva floor. This area can be smooth or very bumpy, It contains the vaginal entrance (the vagina is the 'pipe' going into your body), the urethtral entrance (pee hole) and 4 very small glands that mouth out in the vulva floor, 2 bartholin glands exits around the vaginal entrance and two skene's glands opening up around your pee hole.

Your vaginal opening probably still have a hymen covering at least part of it. That will be the weird flap you are describing. The hymen is a leftover from your development inside your mother's uterus. It used to keep fluid, dirt and germs out when you were still developing and growing up.

In the front where your inner lips join in the middle, you can feel and see your clitoris. It looks and feels like a pencil eraser and it gets hard and stiff when you get sexually aroused. The clitoris will try to hide under a little skin pouch called the hood. Your clitoris is very sensitive and the hood keeps it moist and prevent it from rubbing on your clothes and getting sore. You should not touch it directly too much, touch it through the hood.

This part of the clitoris that you can see and feel is called the head or glans and it is just the tip of a massive multi-part structure that runs underneath your labia.

Do a google search for 'female anatomy', get a mirror and see if you can identify your parts. Just make sure your hands are clean and you are private.

Take care.
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replied February 5th, 2011
better you dont feel anything or else you might get addicted to it... LOL
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