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What's the best approach for an undisclosed chronic condition?

I'm 35 years old and have been without health insurance for nearly six years, now. For almost a year, I have had chronic symptoms that I have not mentioned to a doctor for fear of falling into a pre-existing condition category when I do finally have coverage. Unfortunately, insurance is expensive and hard to acquire. Any ideas about how to approach this so I can get the help I need? Currently, I'm considering getting insurance (by whatever means) and then seeing a doctor asap *without mentioning* chronic symptoms for a month or so, at which time I'd say the symptoms have been chronic for a month to support getting an MRI (or the like). Obviously this is manipulative and pretty much illegal (as I've not disclosed it on insurance apps) but I simply have no money to cover what I expect is needed. Have any alternative suggestions? I'd much rather play it straight but I'm afraid I have no choice...
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