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What migraines, chest pain, and poor circulation have in comon

I don't know what really to type but i am concerned about my body. I need to know if i am worrying over nothing. I am 22 yrs old married with 2 kids. I know i have depression taking nothing for it since i don't have medical insurance. I feel tired and burn out a lot, but the thing is that i worry a lot is migraines and poor circulation. i start having migraines in April 2010 and still do. From April 2010- December 2010 i had about 10 migraines. The best way to explain it is mainly on one side but it feels like i am having contractions in my head that lasts up to 2-8 hours. Year 2011 i had only 2-3. Sometimes with these migraines i get hot flashes. I know sometimes i get them from not eating enough so i try to eat and take some Tylenol but take awhile for it to kick in. The best way for me to get over it is to get in a dark room with no sound and try to go to sleep. Poor circulation it seems i can't sit and play with kids on the floor for 15-30 minutes without my legs going to sleep. I can handle the tingly numbness but not the burning sensation that happens when the blood tries to go back. I was laying with my husband watching a movie on the couch and my arm was asleep for an hour. I couldn't move it to help myself up or anything. When my husband just lift my arm up 6 inches from it laying on my chest it felt like it was broke and i was in tears. Now i keep rolling in my sleep just to try to keep my arms and legs to stay awake. Also been instances where i sit at computer desk and for 10-30 minutes and when i get up one of my legs tries to go out from underneath me because it is asleep. I also been having chest pain but it is very rare occurring. chest last up to 5-20 minutes if i take deep breaths it makes it worse. the more recent rare occurrence is having migraines and chest pains. I know i was laying down trying to get rid of the migraine and then i felt chest pains. I don't know if the pain was so intense that it felt like it was migrating or what. The pain was on the right side of my head throbbing, then if felt like a line travel down to my ear, and down to about where my sternum was like a line of pain but the chest and the migraine was the most intense. I know we can't afford to go to the doctor and i don't want to be probe to death, and my husband is working 2 jobs to make ends meet and i stay at home mom we only have one vehicle. I know i have family history of depression and nerve problems. I also know it runs on my moms side to have diabetes and to have irregular heart beat and too fast of heart rate. Before i forget after the chest pain and migraines i feel light headed and weak. I pretty sure that is about it so inform me if there is anything that i can do to help ease the pain or to get where i feel less tired and where it feels like i am not so wear down where i can take care of my kids the best i can. Thanks
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replied September 11th, 2012
Hey I am sry you have been going through all those symptoms and it's a lot to handle but I actually think I know what you have as well as other members of your family that will explain all your symptoms especially the fast heart rate. Since I am not sure if you will get this please email me to discuss your symptoms. Take care
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