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***What kind of Relationship do you have with your In-Laws?***

Hi Everyone,

I am putting this question out there...What kind of relationship do you have with your In-Laws???

The reason I ask this is because My Husband No longer wants anything to do with my parents as they have caused some major dramas in my life as well as trying to break us up(See my other blog if you are interested in the full story)

My Parents feel they can no longer have a NORMAL relationship with me without my husband being a part of the mix. They feel that he is going to control them by saying when or when not they can see me. (we are due to have a Baby in MAY so they are afraid not to be a part of bubs life) My husband has always been open to my parents seeing the baby but just want nothing to do with them personally.

I would love to hear of your experiences and any advice you care to offer.

My Parents both suffer from severe depression, Have had lots of bad luck so are financially in a bad position and don't have many friends or family who they can lean on for love and support.

I eagerley await your replies!!!
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replied October 27th, 2012
Extremely eHealthy
I miss my MIL now she is dead but while she was alive she was an opinionated and interfering old cow. Eventually I kicked her out of our house and locked the door until her manners improved...

In-laws should be like the three wise monkeys seeing and hearing all but saying nothing(except in the most diplomatic fashion) and standing by in case help is needed.
These are the common rules of courtesy when they are in another's space and any son or daughter-in-law has a right to be outraged at any displays of bad manners by any visitors, including the wife's parents...

I brought my daughter up to be her own woman. When I visit I expect her to tell me what her rules are and I do my best to respect them - if I don't like something I simply have to put up with it or exercise my freedom to leave.
She is an adult in her own space so I can do no less and nor can I pass any opinions about her choice of partner, her choice of decor or choice of household appliances...
Showing my daughter and her partner the respect and good manners she deserves I feel is the only way to be a good parent when a child has flown the nest!
I consider this to be a normal relationship...

Not sure what your parents consider a normal relationship with you consists of but it must be radical and ill-mannered in order to completely alienate your husband.
Clearly they didn't think of your marriage as gaining a son but more losing a daughter...

That your parents suffer from depression should make them ideal guests as depressed people tend to say or do very little...

I would say to anyone they should make whatever rules they want in their own space and anyone who is disrespectful or ill-mannered enough to break or ignore those rules should be kicked out regardless of who they are!

Obeying the rules of common courtesy and the house rules is no more difficult than obeying the speed limit and not stealing - depressed drivers and shoppers still must obey the Law and it is no harder for them than anyone else and is rarely accepted as an excuse...

I feel your parents have more problems than depression...
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