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What kind of doctor should i see for this type of leg pain?

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On my left leg I have extreme throbbing/stabbing pain on my hip, the back of my thigh, down tto my knee and down my calf. Occasionally can be felt in my butt and through my foot. I go to a chirorpactor and my muscles in this whole area are very tender/inflamed, but id isnt a muscular type ache its more sharp. The pain hurts the most when i sit with my legs at a 90 degree angle for 20+ minutes, siting and extending my leg helps a little but pain doesnt usually leave until i stand up and walk around or lay on my side or stomach with my leg stretched out. Its been this way for about a year and a half and im desperate ): so many wrong diagnosis.
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replied February 10th, 2012
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Hi Sasharae6x and welcome to ehealth: Please see an Orthopedist....He/she should be able to help you....Take care...

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