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A little advice needed about stopping rosacea progressing further?


I have been to the docs, but they don't want to know unless it gets worse. I understand rosacea does get worse, but I don't want to wait for that until I get help.

This all started 6 months ago. Spots appeared after about 2 months and red patches on nose after about 4 months.

* red patch on right cheek
* Meibomian Gland Dysfunction in right eye with slight blephitits in both eyes
* red patches on nose - whole nose slightly redder then rest of face
* red in folds of nose (SD I believe)
* do blush easily but go back to normal colour
* don't seem to have any triggers other then spicy food, heavy exercise and sometimes sun
* patch can burn or feel wet/cold
* red spots around red patch (nowhere else on face)
* When I flush, I go red all over. The red on cheek feels wet/cold after - others it burns. But it is not more visibly red

Doc thinks it's SD - but from what ive read sounds like a mix with rosacea don't you think?

I know that treating Pre rosacea is better then waiting for it to blow, so have tried:

* High B vitamins (4 months ongoing)
* Fish oils (4 months ongoing)
* Coconut oil topical and internal (4 months ongoing)
* vitamin c with Rose hips (2 months ongoing)
* Honey mask 3 hours every other night (2 months ongoing)
* Garlic - Allicinmax (1 month, ongoing)

Was using, now stopped
* Milk Thristle (3 months now stopped)
* Ginkgo (3 months, made me flush)
* Argan oil (2 months, stopped)
* Lysine (3 weeks, stopped)
* Fenugreek tea (3 weeks, stopped)
* Billberry (1 week, made me flush)

Nothing has made a damn bit of difference on any of the red (SD or Rosacea) apart from the coconut oil which makes my skin feel soft although it has given me extreme stomach pains and diarrhoea on occasion. Not even the honey masks have worked!

Please help. I don't feel like I can get on with my life until I sort this and have already missed so many opportunities. I know I should get on with my life, but when I know there maybe something I can do now, I cannot rest until I have solved it!

I wanted to avoid pharmaceuticals, but willing to try now.  

Many thanks
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replied October 9th, 2010
PS - all the red is soft to touch. But has less sensitivity then the rest of my face. Not typical SD nor Rosacea.
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