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What is this constant unbalanced feeling?!

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About a year and a half ago I woke up with what I assumed was an inner ear infection. I didn't have the usual discomfort in my ear, but I had the slight dizziness and unbalanced feeling. Thinking it would go away as it always had I didn't worry. After about two weeks I realized the sensation had not gone away. (To be clear it wasn't a spinning sensation as you would normally feel with something like Vertigo. It was more of a rocking front to back or side to side.) One evening along with the unbalanced feeling I had numbness in my left arm and I became completely disoriented. long story short I ended up in the emergency room. They did an x-ray of my head and hooked me up to an EKG/ECG machine. I was sent home with a simple "You're fine" and that was it. Since then I have been to the hospital about three times with no kind of resolution to my issue. I've had my eyes checked, gotten an MRI, and had a multiple rounds of blood work done. Having the symptoms for this long unfortunately gave me a horrible case of anxiety so I am now on 50mg of Zoloft and a low dose of Lorazepam when needed. They have taken away the anxiety but my original symptoms persist. I have constant feelings of falling over with no specific trigger. I get numb sensations in both my arms and hands as well as my shoulders. My eyes always feel as though I have just looked into a bright light. At times it feels like I am a few steps behind my own body. And I get random bouts of chest pressure and discomfort. They tell me my heart is fine, and my brain looks normal. I want to feel confident in what my doctors are telling me but unfortunately it's tough to when all of the symptoms persist. I'd love to know if anyone else has had these problems, or if there is something I am not seeing or doing. I don't smoke or drink by the way just in case anyone was curious.
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replied November 26th, 2014
Hi....some of your symptoms sound oh so familiar. I have been feeling "off" for many months now and it's wearing on me. I too have had the MRI, EEG, Balance test, Hearing test...soon I will add CT to my list. To no surprise, all were fine. I feel as though its all in my eyes and at times I do get a sensation that at any second the room will spin. I have to quickly grab ahold of something close my eyes and breath for a minute. I am sorry I couldn't help with any info, but did want to let you know your not alone. Good luck to you Smile
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