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What is the failure rate for a bilateral epididymectomy?

If I will get a bilateral epididymectomy and also remove the entire scrotal segment of my vas deferens on both sides, what is the failure rate for this going to be (assuming that I will refrain from having sex until I will actually get two successful semen analyses, that is)?

In other words, what is the risk of pregnancy going to be after such a sterilization procedure?
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replied March 5th, 2019
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Probably almost zero chance of any sperm being ejaculated after all the sperm already in your reproductive system that are above the surgery site and toward the penis from the removed tubing have died or all been ejaculated to empty out the last of your sperm.

The removal of all the vas deferens that can be removed from the scrotum would make a huge barrier for any new sperm to leave either testicle to reach the penis for ejaculation.

Removing both epididymis would further disrupt and hamper any sperm leaving each testicle and maturing in the storage space the epididymis provides.

But that much surgery in the scrotum might cause auto immune responses or chronic pain.
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replied March 14th, 2019
Just how harmful are these autoimmune responses going to be?

Also, if the vas deferens will regenerate and attach itself to the place on the testicle(s) where the epididymis used to be attached to, is there going to once again be sperm in one's ejaculate, but with this sperm being insufficiently motile to actually fertilize an egg?
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