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what is the best way to gain weight?

hiiii my name is Gary....i am very skiny...i need to put some weight i can live my life with full of confidence...plz help me out
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replied July 4th, 2011
Hi Gary,

To gain weight,you need to consume more calories everyday than you burn with physical activity.For example

1.You need to follow disciplined eating routine

2.Eat the right combination of food

3.Take some kinds of supplement

4.Working out is also important if you want to build muscle at the same time
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replied January 25th, 2012
Hey Gary, the best way to gain weight would be to do weight training and taking supplements. Take more rest and work less. Stop eating junk foods as they are less in energy and unhealthy.....I tried it and it helped me a lot.
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replied February 11th, 2012
Hey Guys,

Thanks for sharing your valuable thought, I don't mean like body builder weight just enough where I can control it and not be at GYM buying those gross shakes. I have been stressing a lot of cause my dad is in the hospital so I just weighed myself and seen I lost 20 pounds, What is the fastest way to get it back b4 my wedding next month?

Nice to meet you
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replied February 19th, 2012
To Gain weight
hai gomzy ,

hai i think you are good, and you may drink cup of carrot juice with milk for twice per day then you will get improvement in your weight within 3months. be sure in it
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replied February 20th, 2012
Hello friends,

Your diet is as or more important than your weight training workout if you are trying to gain weight. Simply put, in order to fuel your weight training workouts and allow your body to repair muscle tissue, you have to eat a healthy, well balanced diet. This means not only consuming and adequate number of calories, but also eating the right types of food. Protein is a good food to eat more of if you wish to gain "healthy weight", but must be accompanied with carbohydrates to process it effectively.

Best advance
John Messick
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replied February 21st, 2012
Sit on your ass and order out. You'll gain weight fast.
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replied June 13th, 2019
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Don't drink water before meals. This can fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories.
Eat more often.
Drink milk.
Try weight gainer shakes.
Use bigger plates.
Add cream to your coffee.
Take creatine.
Get quality sleep
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replied September 13th, 2019
The best tips to gain fastly are the following:

1. Milk

Milk offers a mix of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins.

2. Rice

A cup of rice contains about 200 calories, and it is also a good source of carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain.

3. Whole-grain bread

These bread contain complex carbohydrates, which can promote weight gain.

4. Protein supplements

Athletes looking to gain weight often use protein supplements to boost muscle mass, in combination with resistance training.

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