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what is symbol of brain tumor ?

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Brain basics here - what is a tumor and how do doctors understand brain cancer? ...
What puts you at risk of developing brain cancer? Review the most common risk factors for brain cancer so that you can be informed....
Brain cancer symptoms are wide ranging and various. Look out for these common symptoms of brain cancer and learn when you should seek medical help....
what is symbol of brain tumor please reply me as soon as possible.
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First Helper michael786

replied January 26th, 2012
What do you mean?
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replied August 2nd, 2013
every time my head ache seriously
i also suffering from heavy cold in every week 2 time

is it any kind of serious thing or its happen with everyone ???
plz reply
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replied September 15th, 2013
The gray ribbon is for brain tumors. Cancer in the brain is generally a tumor.
I don't know where you got the butterfly idea but it only matters to you not every one else.
I have a gray ribbon tattoo and so do several of my friends.
If you google Brain Tumor ribbons or even brain tumor ribbon tats you can see several.

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replied December 2nd, 2013
Brain cancer is a serious form of cancer that occurs when there is an uncontrolled growth of cancer cells that form a malignant tumor in the brain.
Symbol of brain tumor:--

Balance problems, difficulty walking, and falls

Blurred or double vision

Changes in hearing, taste or smell

Changes in mood, personality or behavior

Difficulties with memory, thinking, talking, comprehension, writing or reading

Dizziness or vertigo

Headaches, which may be worse in the morning or when lying down


Muscle twitching, spasms or seizures

Muscle weakness

Nausea and vomiting

Numbness or tingling in arms or legs
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