What is poison? Does it come with a label that says "poison" on it? Perhaps you can find it only in certain isles of certain stores.

Truth is almost everything that we ingest and use is poisonous for us, some of the poisons are permanent and there isn't reversing them, some aren't that way.

And I suppose it is now "off limits" to even give a s#$t now, everytime that you bring it up you are shunned, but don't listen to them they will only drag you down even further than you already are, and it's very dark down there.

It's almost as if with some people that they are telling them and the people do not know it, how could you consider this delusion when you are constantly ill from ingesting and bathing and swimming and breathing them.

Do people not understand what poison is anymore? when I say that Im being poisoned they think that "He isn't being fed large amounts of arsenic." That isn't the only poison here if you haven't noticed.

In fact, most of your food is probably going to severly hurt you if you keep eating it regularly, and don't get me started on coffe, if you deeply understood that crap you would put it down and never pick it back up, it's a crazy drink.

Almost as if we were being trained to not ask questions that we "shouldn't" and just have the pot(you are the frog) slowly heated up, and then you know what happens.

If you can't listen to these people, which is very hard to do I know because I've been you, at least try and fight through that crap that you've been trained to think and feel and just think about what they are afraid of. Underground bases, certain "religious" delusions(of course caused by actual phenomena), things being implanted in them against their will, being poisoned constantly, thinking that you are all out to get them(and eachother). what isn't realistic about any of those statements.

Or perhaps you like being poisoned? Or you don't know that you are? Or just don't care? Or maybe you have your mind on other things all of the time?

So, let me ask you, what in the flying f$%^ is your problem exactly? Explain yourself and why you don't seem to know or care that you are being made slowly ill in almost all areas of your life.

I think that with some there is no understanding, we are being made to think that it is normal, "thats just what happens." Ha! Think again, and just think about how good you could've felt for a large time longer.

And don't give me the old "we can't do anything about it." Because they are only selling what you are buying.
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replied January 7th, 2012
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They like being poisoned if they can feel comfort. They're all out there right now, my wife's birthday party, but the place is too infested with dust mites for me to sit anywhere and the food is too infested with parasites for me to eat any of it, I'm ridiculously skinny and people notice, getting weak can no longer hike up the mountain turn around half way too weak, just vegetables but every time I try a potato chip or glass of wine it's torture. So I go out there and try to explain and they say "eat something" so I understand the social phenomenon you are talking about. I explain it to myself with the psychosis that they are posessed by the parasites in and on them, their minds controlled by the bugs to get mad at me and try to make me eat, try to make me sit, he's not being fed large amounts of arsenic, he looks lke the rest of us how come he can't sit our eat like the rest of us he must just be crazy and we have to try to get him to eat and sit. But I know better and hide out in the bedroom on the glass table. You know, soldiers at the door ("who's nojt eating meat or carbs in there ?), lambs in the furnace, we throw our money away.

They like being poisoned out there, they are here for the gumbo, for the lasagna, for the cake, and they sit in infested chairs and couches and let the bugs feast on them, and they yell at me to come get feasted on, posessed as they are.

You gotta come up with a policy about that social phenomenon. I just build a mental fence around it, call it a zoo, understand that the zoo is infested and posessed by bugs, and I just look at them, walk by once a day and say penis a doodle do, as outraged by their lifestyle as a rooster is of man's in that morning scolding that my in house turtle dove echoes every morning round 630.

They like the poison if they can feel the comfort, and they obviously can, men and women of all ages, what's wrong with us?

Some shine a light with their mind, an unusual light, they penetrate veils that were meant to shield most from the pains of existence, from the truths of the poisoning, and yeah of course that's what I see when I read the posts about being poisoned by the environment, I understand what they mean, they are sensitive, I have this problem in the extreme, afraid I'll end of lack of calories sooner or later, skinny like the holocaust survivors, slight as a flood charm, no flies on me, gotta scrape that stuff right off your shoes.

See, poison is also medicine, in different ratios, that's what they always say, and that's what the people out there with their food are trying to tell me.

But I can't figure out what kind of ratio for me particularly, allergic now o just about every possible form of nutirition known to man yet still trying to maintain a full time engineering job.

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