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what is placenta posterior , grade O maturity?

i m 15th week pregnant .
when i was 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant i have done a ultrasound scan of the gravid uterus.
the report are
single live intra uterine foetus noted in breech presentation

placenta : posterior, grade "o" maturity , covering the os, s/o - low lying placenta .

liquor : A F I : adequate

foetal cardiac activity is good (148 bpm/ regular). four chambers shows no obvious abnormality. foetal movements are good.

nuchal translicency : 1.2 mm

cervix length : 30 mm: internal os closed.

foetal biometry :

B P D : 28 mm corresponding to GA 15 weeks 1 day

A C : 75 mm corresponding to GA 14 weeks 0 days

F L : 15 mm corresponding to GA 14 weeks 4 day

E F W by foetal biometry : 52 grams.

the question is

whats is the meaning of placents : posterior , grade "o" maturity, covering the os , s/o -low lying placenta.
and cervix length is 30 mm .

what should be minimum cervix length. and what is the risk.
which type of precautions i have to take .

my doctor told me for stretcing for incresing the cervix length. is it necessary to do .
and how will she do???

she also suggets me for tiffa scan ??
what is tiffa scan??

please suggest me.....
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