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What is my next step in getting some help that CARES?

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First off: My symptoms: Chest pains. Related to nothing. Cant provoke them. Just random.. Sharp, stabbing pain, usually on my left side near my armpit, but can move down or even be on the right side.

I've been to doctor after doctor, and had MRIs and CTs and EKGs, and Echocardiagrams...

The only thing they found was I have an enlarged heart....

was prescribed Bystolic to help with that pain, and Cymbalta to help stop me from freaking the hell out :D

The Cymbalta turned me into a zombie that numbed my mid-emotions, but i still felt the extreme ones. (thus, still freaked out), so stopped that.

Bystolic helps with my chest pains, but doesnt eliminate them, and I would assume, doesnt help the problem at the core.

I'm living on the free samples at the moment.... the regular prescription is too expensive.. .and i need an alternative...

till the patient assistance program goes through. (it still probably will be rejected so i need something else anyway.)

I got an appointment with the ONE AND ONLY cardiologist in my area... and it's not till JUNE!!

What is my next step? find another doctor? Go to the ER?

Im scared, and in pain (and will be in even more once my samples run out), and freaking the hell out (cuz im good at that apparently Neutral)

What do I do till my cardiologist appointment!???
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