Honey is a food for centuries or even thousands of years, the benefits of knowing used. constantly adding new benefits in line with research conducted in addition to the known benefits.

Honey we know as no bacterial hosts. It is even said to be the only non-perishable food in the world. It sees in the natural antibiotic properties to be free of bacteria. calf in one of the most powerful antioxidants from foods.

To give some brief information about the benefits of honey:

-Bale in mineral content helps in maintaining weight through vitamins and amino acids. It also reduces the risk of obesity.

-Bale Almost it acts as a metabolic accelerator. If you fit this morning to 1 cup water 1 teaspoon honey along with half a lemon, you can speed up your metabolism as well as you begin more energetic on both days.

Especially natural honey in wound healing of cuts and is very effective. honey enables faster healing of cuts and wounds also reduce the pain caused by these wounds and cuts.

-Bale Cough is very good. When I was little, our mother would put honey or herbal tea to drink our milk. This method was really a very effective method. The research that honey is good for cough and diseases shows that it is effective in improving a lot.
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