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What is going on?!? TMJ?!?

I've been having headaches for years but my doctor told me it's because of Ritalin. I had to go to the dentist last year because I had an abcess in the back of my mouth (not near a tooth) he thought it was an infection and gave me antibiotics. He had me come back a week later and the abcess had moved to my top jaw. After doing more tests he said that my bones had moved and ii need surgery to get some bone removed but wanted me to come back a week later. When I came back he said, "yeah, you need those teeth removed." I asked him what teeth and he said my wisdom teeth. Well they were removed about 5 years earlier. After deciding that dentists are idiots, I threw away the referral he gave me to the oral surgeon. The abcess never came back, but now I have jaw pain and ear pain... BAD. I have always had weird sounds when I open and close my mouth, but I've always rthought it was ear wax or something. Am I crazy or is this TMJ
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