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What is a Lumbar Disc Excision

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In the next week, I will be undergoing a Lumbar Disc Excision and I have no idea what it is at all. Also since I have injured my back I am at the moment not able to straighten up my back when I stand up or walk I am hunched over because the pain is so intense. Does anyone have any experience with this problem associated with a bulging/hernaited disc? I am afraid if I don't straighten up my back soon that I will never walk straight again even with the surgery! PLEASE HELP! Rolling Eyes
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replied August 16th, 2010
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i am surprised your surgeon didnt give you detailed run down on the procedure. most good surgeons do. maybe he explained it but you didnt absorb it because of being upset. it is always a good idea to bring friend/relative to the meeting. 4 ears are better than one. if you are having this surgery chances are you are having pain down one or both legs.
the building block bones of the spine are called vertebrae. in between two vertebrae is a disc. this is the shock absorber of the spine. the outside of the cushion is very tough. the inside is a gel like material. when the disc herniates the inside gel pushes outside the cover of the disc. the nerves in that area then get pinched. this causes lower back pain plus leg pain. to correct this the surgeon goes in and removes the part of the disc that is sticking out of the disc cover thereby taking pressure away from nerves. up to 90% of patients get relief from the pain, weakness and discomfort....pete
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