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What is a "Large" penis?

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Is 8 inches
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What is a small penis? What is a large penis? What is an average penis? You all use these terms, but us guys don't really know what you think is big/average/small. Can you say so now, for the record. And I know, I know, they say statistically the average penis size is from 6 to 7 inches, depending on who you listen to. That's not what I'm talking about. Ladies, in your personal opinion, based on personal experience, in inches, what is small/average/large. And, what I the best size? I keep hearing that biggest is not always best.
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replied April 10th, 2008
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im pretty sure it depends on the girl you talk to. i know for me, 6 inches was about average, but then i ad my daughter and for some reason it's too big for me now. ive seen a guy that was 3 inches.....thats small, bigger than 7 inches is way too big
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replied April 14th, 2008
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It varies on the girl you are with. You can never answer that question.

Statistically I believe average was 5.5. to 6, not 6-7 as you have stated.

But since when do all women, or humans in general, conform with average. There is no way to answer this question, depends on the lady.
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