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What if I do not take a birth control pill? Lost pill?


So a little background. I'm taking Ortho tri-cyclen 28 days, that's the one with white pills in the first week, light blue pills in the second week, dark blue pills in the third week, and green pills in the placebo week. I had to change insurance recently which left me without insurance for a while, which resulted in me not being able to get my new yearly supply of pills. I had one extra packet from my last supply that I was using as a backup packet, incase I lost any pills, therefore this packet is missing a pill. It is missing the last pill (Saturday, since I am a Sunday starter) in the second week (light blue pills). I started this package anyways, since I did not want to stop one month and mess up my cycle.

My problem is, what do I do now about that missing pill? Do not take a pill one day? Or do I only take 4 pills that second week, and continue on to the dark blue pill on that Saturday of the second week? I heard you are supposed to take 21 pills for it to be a full cycle, but I cannot so is my period going to be messed up? Does this mean for the next pill packet I have to start on a saturday instead of sunday, since the placebo pills will now end on Friday? Sorry for so many question, I would truly be grateful for any help thank you.
An additional note, I have used condoms all month since starting this new packet, so I am not worried about getting pregnant, only about messing up my cycle. (However, if I messed up my hormones, will it be safe to not use condoms next month after my period?)
ALSO, if I manage to get insurance in time, would it be bad if I switched to Tri-Sprintec in the middle of the packet, to avoid the whole missing pill situation? (I think my new insurance will be making me switch from Ortho tri-cyclen to Tri-sprintec)

Tl;dr: Missing a light blue pill in my second week of Ortho tri-cyclen, is my cycle messed up? How do I proceed with taking the pills? If I only take 20 pills, am I supposed to start my next pill packet on Saturday instead of my usual Sunday start? Will I be fully protected next cycle or is there some consequence?
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replied May 17th, 2016
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You have a choice:

* Stretch your next break week to 8 days. It should not create any issues. Since you are doing the very sensible thing of using condoms as well, there is no risk of pregnancy. Even without condoms, the risk is almost zero.

* Become a Saturday starter. Once again, not much changes and you should still be fully protected.
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