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What I thought was a hemorrhoid?

Hello, Newbie here. I don't have much experience with hemorrhoids as
I have never had one that I know of. M/54 yrs. old.
Last Monday afternoon (6/7/10), I had a BM that burned my anus. I didn't
think much of it because it has happened before. Whithin a few hours
I developed a grape sized hard lump that covered the whole anus area.
Was very painfull. I thought it was a hemorrhoid. So I didn't do anything
about it. The next day the lump was the same size. No improvement.
I called my doctor about it and he said to get into my bath tup filled
with warm water and to push it back up into my anus.
I tried that the next morning. No luck, just made the pain worse.
Seems I may have a perianal haematoma. I tried to make an appt. to see
the doc but he doesn't do this type of thing. So I have just hung in there
pain and all untill today. It's Friday now. Called the doc again this morning
and was referred to a surgeon. Can't get in till Monday.
I then noticed that the pain was getting less. With pet. jelly on my finger
I felt around and the lump was much smaller, but there was blood now.
Not a lot of blood, just enough to wipe away with a tissue once in awhile.
Is this something that will go away?
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replied July 12th, 2010
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Hi Dan,

Hemorrhoids develope due to effects. Usually the effects are, spicy foods, constipation, sitting long periods on hard surfaces, etc... Until you can see your doctor, go to your local pharmacist and ask what he or she suggest for over the counter creams. Hemorrhoids will shrink and not irritate but if we continue the effects they return, even if they are surgerically removed.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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