I am in my mid-50s. I think indigestion became troublesome for me around the time I turned 50. I get indigestion every day. It’s not terrible, but it affects my appetite. Often, I either get a burning in my stomach or it feels bloated.

I’ve been trying to see if I can determine if specific foods cause the problem. I know that certain foods do bother my stomach. It used to be that the only thing that upset my stomach was sugars, they also give me gas. The sugars include cane sugar, honey, fruit, and artificial sweeteners. The problem with sugars started back in college. It wasn’t too bad back then, but it kept getting worse.

In recent years other foods began to bother me too, like nuts; soy beans and milk (cow’s, rice, soy, almond, hemp). Maybe it’s the natural sugars in milk that bother me. I think fried foods, and consuming too many fatty or oily things may give me indigestion too.

Now I suspect that perhaps gluten or carbohydrates may be a problem. I tried not eating carbohydrates for four days. I had no bread, crackers, pasta or rice. I ate a lot of canned lentils and beans. I need a lot of fiber for regularity. Unfortunately, my stomach would start burning after eating the lentils and beans. I didn’t have bloating though, and I had less discomfort at night. I wonder if something added to the lentils and beans in the can could be affecting me.

It sometimes feels like my stomach gets upset no matter what I eat. Does anyone have thoughts on my problem?
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