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what does SUV max of 8.4 mean?

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what does SUV max of 8.4 mean? my father had a PETSCAN & the report states a spiculated nodule in the left upper left node of the lung measures 1.4x1.4cm & is intensely FDG avid w/ max SUV of 8.4 This lesion is consistent w/malignancy.There is also a 9x8 prevascular lymph node is moderately FDG avid w/SUV max of 2.8 It is highly suspicious for metastic lymphadenopathy. I am out of state & would like to understand this report more. I know it is not good, but if someone could explain this in lamin terms, i would appreciate it very much.
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replied September 28th, 2010
can anyone just say something, everyone else gets a response, I can handle any response you may have, just tell me something
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replied October 6th, 2010
SUVmax (standardized uptake value) is a measure for the maximum uptake of radiolabelled glucose when performing a PET with radiolabelled glucose.
The higher the value, the higher the metabolic activity of cells/tissue. Nodules that show high metabolic activity are more likely to be cancer.
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replied December 25th, 2014
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hi, can anyone help me to explain the meaning of the results below? this is for my father..

Thorax and Mediastinum:

There are multiple bilateral FDG avid nodules which are varying in sizes.

There is a larged FDG avid mass in the posterior segment of the right lower lobe with SUVmax of 10,

metabolic soze of 5.5 x 5.8 x 7.5cm9AP X W X Ht).

There are multiple FDG avid nodes:

-paratracheal SUVmax 7
-subcarina SUVmax of 6.9
-right hilum SUVmax of 6.8.

Abdomen and pelvis:

-Both lobes of the liver are occupied by the large FDG avid lesion , SUVmax of 11.
-There are multiple FDG avid para aortic nodes.
-Normal FDG distribution in the liver and kidneys.
-Non specific uptake in the bowels.

waiting for your prompt reply. thanks much.
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