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What do you think I might have?

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For several months I have been having bad acid reflex. Food would literally go back into my throat and even mouth, sometime even 2 hours after I have eaten. It seems almost any food would do so., even lettuce. Once in a while I get upper abdominal pain. I don't vomit blood, nor feel nausea. I have gain weight rapidly.

Yesterday I just did a scope and the doctor said there was a little bit of inflammation and did 3 biopsy. I need to make another appointment for an X-ray.

Gastritis doesn't really fit.

So what else could it be?

Possibly some kind of GERD, but which one and how bad? Cancer, Ulcer?

I was refer for a Scope because Nexium wasn't working for me. It was making things worse.
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replied June 17th, 2011
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try to stick with the Dr advice.
If it were simply a little relux u could ignore it or try home remedies but as u explain it; STICK WITH DR ADVICE
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