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What do i have? kidney disease, prostate issues?

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1.. I have had kidney stones, i actually had one so large it got stuck in tip of my penis and had to have urologist remove it. So i know how they feel when passing thru penis... also, at times when i go poop, some fluid comes out of my penis.. like semen fluid..

ok.. so, i have this issue. I will at times get this tingling feeling, it will go thru my entire penis, it feels, as if, i am passing a kidney stone, but i have been having this for a month or so, i also do have a rather sore stomach feel, to the lower part of my adomen, i have no discharge of any kind from penis, when i pee sometimes it feels perfect, other times its kinda tingly.. so i basically was like, ya iam stuck i got this forever now.

but now my girlfriend is having issues when we have sex, she keeps getting uti's after unprotected sex. So she got fixed and we used condom and nothing, she seems fine. Then we had unprotected and she got sick again. So i went to urgent care, and regular doctor, 2 urine tests so nothing, now this were quick tests, tabs... both her and I have been tested for Gon and Cly and are negative.. i did get put on flagyl but that hasnt seemed to solve the issue... each time she has bacteria infection, now today she has PID the doctor says, so i need to get checked again.

now iam going to doctor monday to get checked, again.. but what can this be?

can i have say a stone i my bladder that wont pass? causing a infection that wouldnt show up in a quick urine test?
could i have enlarged prostate? making it irritated, infected? which would be caught in a quick urine test? and make that semen come out when i go poop?

kidney dieseae of sometype?

any ideas?
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