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replied May 21st, 2012
Raw vegetarian diet is the best if you want to remain healthy and fit. It is more beneficial diet for the health as compare to fried foods, fast foods, and baked foods.
It controls the cholesterol level and keep our body healthy and fit.
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replied February 15th, 2019
A diet which is low in carb, high in fat along with moderate amount of proteins help you get into dieting and weight loss bringing great body results. The main goal of a ketogenic or keto diet is to help body use fat more prominently instead of carbohydrates as an energy resource. This results due to the very less intake of carbohydrates(which is usually the prime energy resource in the body of an individual)and this process is generally known as ketosis. People are very much attracted towards this diet plan due to the following reasons:

Increased trend of being fit.

The desire to carry self in a prominent and confident way.

Increased rates of diabetes cases linked to obesity situations.

For some it might be just a matter of popular trend in action!

The increased awareness about being young and fit.

To decrease the need of following strict gym regimes.
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