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What could these small itchy and red bumps on me be?

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What I think could be is heat rash, but I have no clue. It started with feeling little itch on my neck 3 days ago and the day after that it spread and also got these red marks on my chest with no itch.
It's starting to dry in some parts of my back, but my mom says it also spread. the spreading could have been because of the idiot that I am because I did a workout when having them...or something in my bed sheets? I'm getting them cleaned right now and will be in the hunt for any insects under my bed.
I'm freaked out. Last night I got barely any sleep because I kept feeling things on me and when I would check, nothing.I think I'm going crazy now haha. I keep feeling an itch now everywhere but i think that's just me being paranoid.
The only new thing I've started was this lotion I was prescribed named "Selenium sulfide topical suspension usp 2.5%" I've used it in the past with nothing happening so I don't know.
Here's how it looks...
http://i49.[image removed]/2efjkgo.jpg

http://i45.[image removed]/mtzr.jpg

http://i45.[image removed]/oqfyiq.jpg

http://i46.[image removed]/dw5d9x.jpg

http://i47.[image removed]/33k7n1k.jpg

Also I got these small little bumps last night on my wrist that are barely noticeable unless you look closely or touch my skin. It got to both my wrists. Any idea on what that is? I feel like I'm suddenly being attacked =/
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