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What could be the cause of undiagnosable chronic nausea? help

I am a 20 year old female and i have been suffering from unexplainable constant nausea since October 2009. I was hospitalized for 7 weeks with constant vomitting. I could not eat and I was malnourished. I would throw up three to four times a day. while i was in the hospital they also found a kidney stone (my 2nd one in 6 months) and it had to be surgically removed.

I was released from the hospital in the beginning of december. they could not find a reason for why i had been vomitting but i had stopped so they let me go home. I was still very nauseous and they said that would be normal for a little while but that it would go away and it has not. I have had to take a leave of absence from school because of this. I get alot of pain in my stomach after I eat and i have alot of epigastric pain.

I am taking Zofran (nausea medication for chemo patients) and domperidone. I have had 3 gastroscopies that have come back normal except for inflammation and excessive acid. I had barium and upper GI and that came back fine as well except for acid. I had 2 ultrasounds and everything was ok except them found some lymph nodes in my stomach leading my gastrointerologist to send me for a abdominal CT scan. the scan came back clear and the lymph nodes were not swolllen so my GI specialist said it is not a problem. i have also had blood tests done and a urine test.

I also suffer from chornic migraines that began after i got a really bad concusion a few years back. i take Atcanad (a high blood pressure medication) that is used to treat the migraines. I had a CT scan of my head done in order to make sure it was something in my head causing the nausea and the results came back in time. I have been off the atcanad for the last few days in an attempt to see if it was causing the nausea and it does not seem to be the case. I also take uromax for my overactive bladder and i stopped that as well to see if it was the problem and that is not the case either. I went to see an endocrinologist and she said she saw nothing that would my symptoms in terms of my endocrine system. I have gone to see internal medicine and that doctor said he couldn't think of anything.

I finally went to a nautropath that has put me on a cleanse that includes no dairy, no red meat or pork, no artificial sugars,no gluten, no potatoes, tomatoes or citrus fruit. to see if we can clean out my system i have been doing it for almost two weeks and have really seen any improvement. I am also taking multiple drops called undas and I drink apple cider vinegar mixed in water before every meal

I also went to see an osteopath. I have only gone once but did not see a difference in my stomach but he did help the stifness in my neck

Please help I am totally desperate to get my life back. if you have any advice or any suggestions please share I would be so greatful
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replied January 15th, 2012
Hi there,

I just wanted to say that I have been suffering for chronic unexplained nausea since march 2010 and have been through the same tests as you with nothing really showing up except mild gastritis and a small pitutitary tumor that I take medication for which according to my endocrinologist has nothing to do with the nausea. I've tried various diets and medications with nothing really working very well! I have also seen an osteopath and have currently had two treatments but I also don't feel any really improvement yet otherwise than a less stuff back/ neck. I've heard accupuncture is helpful for nausea too so I may try that too and you may also want to try if you still cannot find relief. I've read vitamin deficiencies can also cause nausea so I'm going to ask my GP to test those to make sure their all good. Anxiety medication may also be helpful even if that isn't the root cause of the nausea as I know nausea 24/7 has its own anxiety that comes with it! So medication can really help you relax as you try to find something to relieve the discomfort !
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