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What could be causing my Lower Abdominal Distension?

I have had a swelling of my lower abdomen for over 2 months now it just happened one night I had to get up to urinate multiple times then the next morning I noticed that my lower stomach was swollen I had no pain just pressure around my bladder so I went to my doctor and I was given Macrobid for a bladder infection well I finished that but it did not help.I then went to a urologist who tested my urine and blood found nothing wrong and wanted me to get a ct scan so i did and he said everything looks fine.I went to a gastroenterologist he looked at the scan and seen nothing wrong, he checked for hernia no problems ,my bowel movements are unchanged, it does not hurt when urinating.I eat healthy and lift weights 4 times a week so I thought maybe i injured a muscle but I have no pain while working out or afterwards. I don't know if this is trapped gas or maybe fluid but when standing for long periods of time the pressure in my abdomen gets worse almost like something jabbing or pushing but goes away when sitting or lying down. Well that's all that I can think of so what possibly could this be?
Thanks in advance.
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