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What causes you to become un pregnant?

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I herd that Vitamin C can cause a miscarraige. Does anyone know any other ways to cause this? Do not respond if you are just going to judge me i have a relevent reason for asking this question so im not looking for everyone to judge me and respond with their negative responses thank you...I am very aware that there are people that would find this question unappropriate and wrong and thats ok. I also know that some have had a hard time with things like this and its hard to understand why someone would want to do this intentionally but i am only here to find out how these are caused other than by doing it by a medical professional.. I have a 15 year old sister that will do anything to make this go away and i cant talk her out of anything but the least i can do is make sure shes safe when she tries all this stuff she hears about doing..
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replied January 18th, 2012
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A home induced-miscarriage is NOT safe. Please do not go this route. Even if one of these methods causes a miscarriage, it could be imcomplete and lead to severe problems and possible infertility if ANY of the fetal tissue is not expelled from the body.

I do know the method that you are referencing, but it is not just Vitamin C that needs to be used, it is a number of things together which can be dangerous. It also is NOT effective after being 3 weeks late on your period (7 weeks pregnant). Why does your sister not go to Planned Parenthood? An abortion there would likely be free and your parents would not need to know. She could have a surgical (D&C) abortion which they could put her under sedation and she would have virtually no pain. The method that you are inquiring about is VERY similar to the medical abortion and is VERY painful. She will have 3 to 5 days of severe cramping and bleeding (potentially longer on bleeding) and will likely see the fetal tissue (clump = baby) expelled. It will not be pleasant.
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