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What causes under arm hair to stop growing and become itchy?

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Hi I'm a 55 year old female with Hashimotos Disease and I have rhumatoid/osteo- arthritis. Lately, I have been suffering from depression and over all have not been feeling well. I was recently diagnosed with bladder urge incontience. I have noticed that the hair under my armpits has completely stopped growing, not even stubble and they have been itchy. What could this mean?
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replied January 5th, 2012
Using a handheld razor and either soap lather or foam, shave the area under your arms. You should raise the arm that you are shaving under as high as possible in order to make the area under your arm as smooth and flat as possible for shaving.
Also, if you have allowed your hair to grow more than about half an inch long, you may need to clip it before shaving so that it does not become tangled in your razor and cause the underarm area to get irritated. For perfectly smooth underarms, you will need to shave under your arms every day, but you can go for up to a week at a time with only a little stubble using this method. It also takes about ten seconds in the shower, so it is pretty time-effective and very cheap since you can use a disposable razor to do the shaving.
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