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What causes these neck symptoms?

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I have been really freaked out about these lately. Here are my symptoms:

- Tight throat (Sometimes)
- Feels Weird to Swallow (Almost All the Time)
- Minor Neck Pain (Sometimes)
- Hurts a little to swallow hard foods (Breads mainly | Usually)

These symptoms are usually accompanied with anxiety/stress related feelings. The symptoms get worse the more scared I am. I get really freaked when I look these symptoms up, because they are associated with cancers! More information:

- 14 Years Old
- Male
- Non-Smoker/Drinker
- Perfect Blood Pressure/Heart Beat
- Doctor felt my neck and listened to heart/lungs and felt/heard nothing wrong
- I have somewhat good eating habits
- I am skinny, and tall

Any help will be appreciated!!
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First Helper guest31449

replied May 8th, 2012
I have the same problems only mine comes with some numbness of the throat. The doctors told me that my problem was caused by anxiety and that as long as I was anxious I would continue to have the symptoms. The only thing that helps me is klonopin(which I can't take now cause i'm pregnant). It relaxes me and causes the anxious feelings to go away quite a bit. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about putting you on a medication that will help to reduce the anxiety symptoms. It can be done without medication, but you will need to know the proper way to relax yourself through your thinking and breathing techniques. Let me know if you have any questions!
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replied May 8th, 2012
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It's true, I get the same symptoms as both of you and they scare me like no tomorrow and it makes it worse. The best thing to do is to take deep breaths and focus your attention somewhere else. It works for me with music.
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