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What causes my asthma?

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I am 17 years old, have had a cough since the age of six. Went to the doctor many times, was never diagnosed until when I was 13 I started wheezing during sports lessons, I couldn't breathe properly. I was given a reliever inhaler when I was 14 and a preventer when I was 15, am still on both. However, my asthma seems to keep getting worse every year - when I was 16 I was put on a combined inhaler as well as a reliever, and now I am finding myself in hospital for no obvious reason, and have had to use nebulisers on more than one occasion. I want to know what could have caused my asthma? I have researched this and although no certain cause for asthma is known (that I have found, anyway), I haven't been exposed to any of the usual environmental factors e.g. no one in my family smokes, and there is no history of asthma or allergies in my family, I am the only one on any sort of breathing medication. Any ideas would be very much welcomed, as I still don't understand why I am getting ill, have never had any sort of allergy test or anything, and it seems strange to me that although I take my medication religously my symptoms still get worse? Any thoughts are absolutely welcome, am reaching the end of my tether here!
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replied August 30th, 2011
Sorry to hear you are suffering. I would begin by asking your doctor to do allergy tests for you, as asthma is not always related to smoking or family history. A lot of asthma symptoms are related to an allergy of some sort, often time environmental but can be chemical as well. For example, I have an asthma attack around the cats or smelling certain household cleaners. For the environmental allergies, I use an air Air bear in my house to filter out all the airborne particles that are not good for us to breathe. For the cleaning supplies, I use all allergen reducing or non-scented cleaning products to avoid breathing problems.
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