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What causes bleeding after first time rough sex?

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Hi! I'm really worried and need your help. My boyfriend and i had sex last week and it was painful. I felt like he bumped into something that was really painful. The following day i had a light bloody discharge. Now i am worried because it has been a week and it hasnt stopped. I dont feel any anything except for the bloody discharge that looked like a menstral flow bt i had my period a week before we had sex. This is the first time that it happened.
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replied March 11th, 2012
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He likely bumped into your cervix and bruised it. For some women this pain can be excruciating, for others it is just uncomfortable. Sometimes it will be painful every time you move as your cervix touch the vaginal walls.

The bleeding can be from your cervix, or from micro tears inside your vagina (normally caused by dry friction). If the bleeding does not stop, see your doctorl.

The very soft and vunerable area between your vagina and anus can also be easilly damaged during rough sex. Sometimes stitches may even be needed. Did you take a mirror and looked at your vulva to see if there are any tears?

You need to make sure you are super wet and slippery before and during rough sex. It may be the easiest to just use a personal lubricant (water or silicone based). Avoid deep penetration (doggy or your legs in the air) and you can keep your legs closed to keep penetration shallower during rough sex.

Best of luck!
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