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what can couse to bhcg to rise? malignant/bengine?

Hello,39 yo now, I became ill 12 years ago testicular cancer including removal of the right testicle, the increase in markers(bhcg-ldh-afp) and chemotherapy since there is no evidence of disease.
In years past was BHCG lower than 10 .sometimes was lower than 5. this Year follow-up examination was bhcg=10, after one weak was=6, after another 1 weak was =10.
my onculog doc sent me to do ct of Chest abdomen and pelvis = found clear.
also sent me to do ct of brain= found clear. ultrasound to left testis=clear.
after 1 weak again bhcg=9, and after another 1 weak was =8. after 20 dayy=12
What do you think chances of malignant disease with these data?
what can couse to bhcg to rise? malignant/bengine?
i see that the bhcg is stabilized. during all these cehcks the ldh-afp = found normal.
i did again u/s to left testic=found ok.
i read in some web sites that Benign processes can be accompanied with low values of bhcg. waht do you think is going on? what is the chane for cancer?
thank for your help/
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