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what are the things which should be taken care while pregnancy?

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i wanna know that..what are the things that i should and should not do while pregnancy..its my 1st month.. and i donno what i should eat and what not.. all are saying to take good care.. not to run at this period.. walk slowly.. dont climb steps... n all..blah blah blah... all these are true????
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replied January 16th, 2012
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The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are at the highest risk for a miscarriage which is why most women are cautious about walking slowly going up stairs slowly etc especially if they have had a miscarraige in the past.

You're allowed to do light and gentle exercise but you can't do sit ups.

You can't eat raw egg or any products containing raw egg, all eggs have to be hard cooked no soft yolk. Fish that is high in omega 3 you can eat but shellfish and sushi you can't. You can't eat soft cheeses of any kind but things like cheddar you can. You can't eat nuts either.

You should if you haven't started already, get on some pregnancy multi vitamins mainly folic acid as folic acid helps with the nurological development of the baby and can help reduce the risk of spina bifida.

In the meantime I hope you find some useful stuff in what I have said but it will be worth talking to your midwife in a few weeks time who will be able to go into more detail about what you can/can't do and eat whilst pregnant. Good luck and hope you have a smooth pregnancy
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