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may be a bit overly concerned however I'm in a situation where the father would not be able help provide and I'd need to know the chances. I had my period on the 5th of august, it ended on the 8th. I had unprotected sex on the 10th and ever since I have had cramps on the lower left side of my abdomen. I believe I have been spotting and I've felt nauseous quite a bit lately. How likely is it that I'm pregnant?
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replied August 15th, 2016
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If that was a true period 8/5 your likely ovulation would be 8/19 and you could not be pregnant from sex this cycle just yet.

Is it possible you are pregnant from sex two weeks before that period and had an in-pregnancy bleed - lighter and shorter than normal period. You would likely have other early pregnancy signs if that were the case - fatigue, changes in breast, nip, appetite, peeing, head and backache etc. Run a home preg test to sort it out.
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