This seems so weird to ask, and I have such severe anxiety so i need more of a professional opinion;

My fianc and I had sex about a week ago, I'm supposed to start my period tomorrow (if not tomorrow then about the 1st because it seems to vary). We did have PROTECTED sex, he used a condom, and he pulled out and we also checked the condom for any holes using water. We had sex many more time during the week using the same methods. I have been experiencing my normal premenstal things (moody, sore breasts, slight cramping in my stomach), but like I said I have such severe anxiety that it's starting to freak me out.

I guess my question would be; how likely would it be for me to be pregnant? With those different things, I just want my mind maybe at ease alittle bit. We use the condoms every time, never having unprotected sex. Help?
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replied May 30th, 2016
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The ten days before your expected period are not in the fertile window and the chance of pregnancy is very low. Download a period tracker app and you will see what I mean. Your condom practice is good. If you want extra protection slip in some vaginal spermicide before the action begins.
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