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what are the cause of shortness of breath? or soffucation?

I cant understand what I feel and symptoms.I have shortness of breath to the point seems I am floating and cannot control everything including my own movements. The doctor said i had Gerd but I didnt believe him coz they just ruled it out coz they havent seen anything. I had 2 events of diarrhea in 15 days interval in between so they ruled out again IBS or could be SIBO so I took antibiotics. I got better though.I only had events of dry throat and mouth.I had it checked coz I have braces on my teeth,so the dentist just reccommended an antibacterial gurgle,it helped me somehow.with my shortness of breath, I am now suspecting sinusitis since I had it for almost 2 years now and I wake up in the a.m. with clogged nose only on the left side and itll go away late morning,but shortness in breathing sometimes still there. I cannot determine now if it came from my acidity or sinusitis.By the way, I also have lower back pain everytime I stretch my back or twist it. I am 32 y.o. woman with 2 kids both delivered via C.Section,engaged to sports. I hope these info could get me some answers.thanks.
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replied April 7th, 2011
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